Your Ultimate Guide To Sunny Spring Activities

News| 11th October 2021
Your Ultimate Guide To Sunny Spring Activities
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Savour the sunshine ahead of the silly season with fresh flavours and new experiences, enjoyed with family and friends.

Hit the water in a fresh way

A great way to cool off is to immerse yourself in the excitement of a water activity. If you’re lucky enough to live near the beach, you could try your hand at paddle boarding or surfing to really get your heart racing. Alternatively, open your eyes to the secrets of the ocean’s depths by spending an afternoon snorkeling.

If you’re inland, get your fill of water fun by kayaking or canoeing at a nearby river. However, if high-paced activities are more up your alley, try white-water rafting for the ultimate adrenaline hit.

If there’s nowhere to hire the equipment nearby, invest in your new hobby by picking up everything you need from Kmart. Water sports are also a fantastic excuse to visit Kmart and update your swimwear.

Host your own mocktail making soiree

Ice-cold drinks always taste sweeter when the sun’s out. Quench your thirst by hosting a mocktail making party for friends on a warm afternoon.

While it can be tempting to stick to your usual go-to drinks, we recommend challenging your guests to make their own signature drink, with a mocktail tasting session at the end to determine whose fresh invention is the best.

To prepare, pop into Coles to gather the best fresh fruits and garnishes like strawberries, grapefruit, lemon, pineapple, watermelon and mint. You can also stock up on mixers like lemonade, soda water, ginger ale, apple juice and mango nectar. Lay everything out on a table, pre-sliced, diced and squeezed for convenience. All that’s left is to mix and name your beverage of choice!

Escape into the wild

Explore what the great outdoors has to offer with an adventure into nature. Whether you are looking to tick off bucket list items like mountain biking or rock climbing, or are hoping for larger group activities like hiking, camping or orienteering, it’s time to start planning.

Gather your crew to lock in your activity, destination and date. Next, ensure you have all the clothing and tools you’ll need for your escapade.

Make a feel-good playlist

Longer days and bluer skies call for new sounds to boost the mood and brighten your day. Create a collaborative playlist on your platform of choice, inviting your friends and family to contribute their favourite spring and summer tracks.

Not only is this a great way of expanding your repertoire of music by introducing other people’s tastes, but tunes have the power to boost memory, increase concentration and lift the spirits.

Feel the full effects of your collaborative playlist by investing in a new Bluetooth speaker from Kmart for crystal clear audio.

Host a city-wide adventure race

Make the outdoors your very own expansive adventure park by hosting a race around the city for your friends or family. Start by planning your DIY adventure – what route will you include, and what kind of clues and activities will be awaiting each pair of competitors at each point? Get creative with your checkpoint challenges. These could have riddles, physical challenges, races, quizzes or scavenges.

Once you know what challenges will be awaiting contestants at each adventure checkpoint, it’s time to get organised and decide how you want people to record their discoveries. It could be taking snaps on a Polaroid camera or sketching landmarks in a journal from Kmart .

Lastly, what will the winning duo be rewarded with? Think of something exciting and rewarding. It could be a delectable afternoon tea at Michel’s Patisserie, tickets to an experience like the movies or a simple memento, like a prized cup or trophy.

How have you been celebrating the sun so far this spring? Show us by tagging your posts with #HelloSunshine on Facebook and Instagram.

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