We’re solar ready

Australia’s largest investment in solar for shopping centres has reached another exciting milestone with the energisation of our newly installed roof top solar panels at Kurralta Central.

Work has been completed and our new solar system is now providing a source of clean, renewable energy to help us power the centre, reduce our exposure to the volatile energy market and make a positive environmental impact. The power being generated is equivalent to taking over 100 cars off the road annually!

Learn about our Solar Program
Bifacial solar panels are being trialled on our roof space.
Learn about our Solar Program

A particularly innovative feature of the installation is an Australian retail first use of ‘Bifacial Solar Panels’ (essentially double-sided glass panels) at a shopping centre. When combined with a reflective surface under the panel it increases efficiency and reduces the footprint required to generate energy – which has obvious benefits when roof space is limited. We will monitor the performance of bifacial panels as we consider how best to utilise them at future solar installations.

The Kurralta solar installation forms part of Vicinity’s ongoing strategy to develop ‘intelligent energy destinations’ in our communities across Australia. We are already leading the way in retail property renewable energy with a $73m investment across 22 centres delivering a total solar size of 31 MW annually. This would be enough to power over 8,300 average Australian homes a year with renewable energy!

We hope everybody shares in our excitement at creating an ‘intelligent energy destination’ of the future at Kurralta Central.

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